The GO Functional Improvement & Tourism (GO FIT) project addresses the gap in learning programs between Higher Education Institution’s exercise and health experts with both educational and clinical expertise, in collaboration with tourism specialists. So, the GO FIT project is designed to develop a new learning program, a web platform and a multimedia application with transdisciplinary approach for exercise, health and tourism experts, to achieve relevant and high-quality skills and competences in designing the appropriate program for tourists and helping them to adopt a new healthy lifestyle.

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Course Objectives/Goals

The GO FIT course is based on the transdisciplinary approach to design and to apply functional exercise programs for tourists giving them the opportunity to adopt a healthy lifestyle starting from their vacations.
Today, more people work having longer hours, use better technology and automation, and are required to move less on a daily basis. This new environment produces more inactive and nonfunctional people and leads to dysfunction and increased incidents of injury, including low-back pain, knee pain, and other musculoskeletal discomforts promoting physical exercise as a possible solution, in order to improve kinetic system’s functionality. Also, it is well-known that body weight control exercise programs are a scientific solution to prevent overweight issues. Participants in such programs can benefit only in case of long term participation while they enhance their effort with proper nutritional habits. Proper counseling techniques for proper long term exercise and healthy eating habits commitment will help them adopt a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, this multidisciplinary approach aims to tourists because they are traveling, either abroad or to a place they have never been before. This allows them to temporarily leave their “old” life behind and adopt new customs, new ways of thinking and looking at the world that can crossover into their everyday lives. It is a great opportunity to trigger their willingness for a new healthy lifestyle.


The prsent course unit describes why the use of the aquatic environment for exercise is beneficial to the trainee, since the program designer understand the principles of the aquatic environment.